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About Us

Houston PC Pro is based in the beautiful state of Texas and was founded by James Dismukes in 1997. We have provided services to individuals and businesses alike. Our mission is simple, we want to make computers useful and productive for everyone.

Through software solutions and technical consulting, we have managed to help integrate computing capabilities to hobbiests, small businesses, private organizations, and Corporate America.

Our experience and expertise is at your disposal.

Bio for our founder

James Dismukes began his career at the age of 11, writing basic programs for every new personal computer that came out in the booming 80's and was called a prodigy.

He assisted his junior high school teachers with understanding the new Apple computers the school had received, and later worked as a professor's aide, helping to teach today's techical professionals.

After almost 20 years of helping people with every type of assistance imaginable, he was branded the "PC Pro".